A word from the "Professor of Wind"

Good wind to you,

This is where you want to learn, because the location is where you are!

To Kite or not to kite, that is the question.

The wind is a mystery that is best solved with knowledge. Once you know the wind and what it is capable of doing then a very big piece of the puzzle is reviled. Next we will cover the Kite and it's abilities and Master them before going to the water. Lastly, the water rescue and body dragging will be the crux. With that said, the reasoning behind water rescue is so we can get home with our kite in one piece. With the body dragging we will never have to rely on a hazardous board leash ever! Then you can be a self proficient learner and continue to develop your multitasking skills. Control over the kite and the board are daunting challenges and are well absorbed over multiple days of practice.